Principles of the Review Process

Our review board consists of undergraduate students from institutions around the world. Many are at Reviewer Training sites and are being thoroughly trained as both scientists and reviewers. The board reviews manuscripts in consultation with the IMPULSE Faculty Advisors, who are faculty members with knowledge in all areas of Neuroscience research.

IMPULSE reviewers treat submitted manuscripts and reviews as privileged documents. Manuscripts and reviews will not be shared with outside parties, except members of the Faculty Mentors, if necessary. Members of the review board are not permitted to communicate directly with authors.

Reviews are typically available to the author within one month of confirmation of submission. Authors are encouraged to make any suggested changes and resubmit a manuscript as quickly as possible. If changes will require additional experimentation or more than a month to complete, authors should inform the Editor-in-Chief of their target resubmission date.

Upon IMPULSE's receipt of the revised article, revisions will be considered by the editorial board within 14 days. The corresponding author will be notified of the board's decision as soon as it is made.

The Editor-in-Chief reserves the ultimate right to decide whether or not a manuscript is published. This decision will be made based on all reviews of a manuscript and in consultation with the Associate Editors and Faculty Advisors.

The most common reasons for the rejection of manuscripts by IMPULSE include, but are not limited to:

  • flaws in experimental design
  • incorrect interpretation of data
  • flaws in language usage
  • plagiarism or incorrect citation of references
  • incorrect/incomplete authorship

Please click here if you would like to see the tutorial on the editorial organization and how to review a manuscript. (PPS)