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IMPULSE is the first international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate publications. Submissions are reviewed by students worldwide under faculty guidance, and articles are immediately published online as they are accepted. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for IMPULSE, please contact us at impulse@appstate.edu.

ISSN: 1934-3361


Charles Fennell (Appalachian State)

Executive Editor

Erica Turner (Appalachian State)

Managing Editor

Ashley Tollefsrud (Appalachian State)

Executive Associate Editor

Charlotte Godfrey (Appalachian State)

Associate Editor(s)

(Appalachian State)

Olivia Kuk (Brown University)

Shiv Sethi (Carnegie Mellon University) 

(Furman University)

James Dew (High Point University)

Chris Diak (Middlebury College)

Erin Eliis (Northwestern University)

Nicole Moughrabi (Roanoke College)

Katrina Hartman (Simpson College)

Beth Westphal (St. Olaf College)

Tommy Olson (St. Olaf College)

Josie Emery (Truman State University)

Kavel Patel (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Om Uday Patel (The University of Alabama at Birmingham)

(University of California, San Diego)

Dakota Corbett (University of the Free State)

Ellie Hadden-Ford (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Madelyne Williams (Sewanee: The University of the South)

Lyndsey Reynolds (University of South Carolina)

Kate Cowie (Wake Forest University)

Faculty Advisor(s)

HOST SITE: Appalachian State University

Mark C., Zrull Ph.D., Editorial Team Faculty Advisor and
Leslie Sargent Jones, Ph.D., Founding Faculty Advisor Emerita

Carlos Aizenman, Ph.D. 
Brown University, USA

Andrew Bellemer, Ph.D. 
Appalachian State University, USA

Brett Berke, Ph.D.
Truman State University, USA

Daniel J. Brasier, Ph.D.
Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Jackie Brittingham, Ph.D.
Simpson College, USA

Katharine Cammack, Ph.D
The University of the South, USA

Kim Cronise, Ph.D. 
Middlebury College, USA

Jay Demas
St. Olaf College, USA

Cristin Gavin, Ph.D. 
The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Kelly Giovanello, Ph.D. 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

Michael Grider, Ph.D.
High Point University, USA

David Nichols, Ph.D. 
Roanoke College, USA

University of California, San Diego, USA

Mark Segraves, Ph.D.
Northwestern University

Wayne Silver, Ph.D. 
Wake Forest University, USA

Deanna Smith, Ph.D. 
University of South Carolina, USA

Victoria Turgeon, Ph.D. 
Furman University, USA

Annelize Vorster, MB., Ch.B. 
University of the Free State, South Africa