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IMPULSE is the first international, online neuroscience journal for undergraduate publications. Submissions are reviewed by students worldwide under faculty guidance, and articles are immediately published online as they are accepted. If you are interested in becoming a peer reviewer for IMPULSE, please contact us at impulse@appstate.edu.

ISSN: 1934-3361


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Miranda Cook (APP State)

Executive Editor

Dana Cobb (APP State)

Managing Editor

Alison Rossi (APP State)

Executive Associate Editor

Corbin Ester (APP State)

Publicity Editor(s)

Danielle Russell (APP State)

Jake Westerberg (St. Olaf)

Rachel Sledge (APP State)

Social Media Specialist

Dawn Woodard (APP State)

Peer Reviewers

Associate Editor(s)

Casey Carlay (APP State)

Simone Dixon (Furman)

Melissa Songpitak (St. Olaf)

Nikki Hurless (Roanoke)

Craig Irving (Salve)

Danri Joubert (UFS)

Sara Kimmich (UCSD)

Benjamin Mansky (Middlebury)

Danilo Moggia (Barcelona)

Geetanjali Pathak (USC)

Faten Ragaban (USC)

Kyle Sasser (APP State)

Priscilla Villa (Salve)

Annalyn Welp (WFU)

Faculty Advisor(s)

Juan Abolafia, Ph.D. 
University of Barcelona, Spain

Jeremy Loebach, Ph.D. 
St. Olaf College, USA

Kim Cronise Ph.D. 
Middlebury College, USA

Leslie Sargent Jones, Ph.D. 
Appalachian State University, USA HOST SITE

David Nichols, Ph.D. 
Roanoke College, USA

Jaime A. Pineda, Ph.D. 
University of California, San Diego, USA

Wayne Silver, Ph.D. 
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, USA

Stephanie Smith, M.B., Ch.B. 
University of the Free State, South Africa

Deanna Smith, Ph.D. 
University of South Carolina, USA

Steven Symington, Ph.D. 
Salve Regina University, USA

Victoria Turgeon, Ph.D. 
Furman University, USA